About Helium


Doesn’t react with other elements and non-flammable unlike hydrogen


Can be used in many applications without posing health or wellness risks

Lighter than Air

Ability to lift or float. Atmospheric molecules escape to space

Boiling point -269°C

Liquid at ultra cool temperatures enables superconductivity

High Thermal Conductivity

Removes heat in space applications and electronics manufacturing

Small molecular size

Can be used to find the smallest
of leaks

Helium: An Irreplaceable Critical Technological Enabler

Helium’s unique chemical properties makes it irreplaceable in many high-end technological applications, including semiconductor and fibre optic fabrication, low temperature / cryogenics and many research areas including superconductivity and superfluidity.

Major growth is forecast is most areas, in particular: Semiconductors, Fibre Optics, Medical, Defence and Space applications.

Helium Supply Demand Balance

  • Devastating Fire at Amur facility impacts 10-20% of potential global helium capacity into 2023, exacerbated by increasing geopolitical tensions.
  • 2022 shutdown of US BLM Cliffside facility from January impacting up to 10-20% of US supply (up to 5-10% global).
  • Helium supply chain is complex, opaque and the above issues coupled with other supply side pressures have led to an extended supply demand deficit expected to reach well into 2023.  

References: H&P estimates Feb 2022

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